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The manually controlled version of the rEvo comes with front mounted manual gas addition block to add O2, diluent and off board gas connection. It also has an automatic diluent valve and an orifice in the exhale lung, which will add a continuous and constant flow of O2. (An absolute pressure first stage regulator is used for oxygen so that the flow does not increase with depth.)



For primary P02 monitoring, you can choose between 4 electronics for PO2 monitoring:

  1. Shearwater Petrel hardwired. Linked to 3 cells and will calculate your decompression obligations. It has all the features of a petrel (link to petrel page).
    2. Shearwater NERD hardwired. Linked to 3 cells and will also calculate your decompression obligations. It has all the features of a petrel (link to NERD page).
    3. Revodream P. A PO2 monitoring electronic with a Head Up Display (HUD). Reliable, and easy to use, it can be connected to one or two cell. The HUD has three LEDs (orange, green and red) to indicate the PPO2 value. When you have the correct PPO2 (Partial Pressure of Oxygen), there is a continuous green on the HUD (green means “OK, safe”). Small deviations over or under will result in a pulse of orange (low PO2) or red (high PO2), together with the constant green LED. When deviation is dangerous, the green will disappear and only the red or orange pulses will remain.
    4. Revodream P5 has a 5-year battery life. It is replaced by factory or rEvo technician, and comes with digital cabling. Wet matable 4-pin connector near the sensors allows the removal of the sensor tray from the rebreather; brighter orange and red LED light: if things go wrong, it shows up clearly and all the features of the rEvodream P.
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