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    Revolutionizing the world of diving, the rEvo rebreather is a creation of innovation, efficiency, and safety. Completely different from all other rebreathers in the market, the rEvo rebreather was initially designed for very advanced and demanding deep dives, but its simplicity and straightforwardness have proven it to be a great tool for simple recreational diving as well.

    Needless to say, safety is paramount, so it is not by chance that the rEvo 3 is designed to ensure the highest standards in both performance and security.

    But that’s not all. The rEvo rebreather also boasts a unique combination of features:

    The unique rEvo five oxygene cell policy: One cell change every six months, and increased safety


    The unique to rEvo five O2 cell and its policy of changing one cell every 6 months will save you money and offer increased safety.

    Oxygen cell failure is the most insidious and common failure in all rebreathers.
    Most rebreather manufacturers have decided that three cells is the right amount since you can take the two closest cell readings as being correct and rule out the remaining cell. That works fine, but what if two cells fail together? Research has shown that cells of the same batch, with the same dive history, are far more likely to fail together. This means that three cells fitted at the same time from the same batch gives a higher probability of two cells failing together. Thus, the two failed cells will out-vote the good cell.
    rEvo rebreathers, on the other hand, have 5 cells. This gives divers the information that they need to make informed decisions based on the readouts from the cells. Divers will then know if there is a cell going out of range, putting the decision-making in the experienced divers’ hands instead of being reliant on the programming of a computer.

    Click Here to learn more about understanding Oxygen sensors.

    Dual Scrubber Canisters
    Hypercapnia (high CO2) is a danger that can crop up with certain rebreathers, which is why two redundant axial scrubbers for carbon dioxide absorption are used. The second scrubber is a backup in case the first fails, giving you maximum safety against channeling.
    When the primary scrubber is consumed, it is emptied and refilled with fresh sofnolime and becomes the backup; the old backup scrubber, which is still unused, becomes the primary. This is called a cycle. The sofnolime consumption will be cut in half compared to other CCRs (Closed Circuit rebreathers), with only 1.3kg replaced.
    Shearwater RMS, Scrubber Monitoring
    The most precise and accurate scrubber time monitoring system in the industry. The shearwater RMS (Revo Monitoring System) on the rEvo is different than on any other rebreather. It uses a superior, patented, and exclusive technology, and was developed and tested extensively using the ANSTI testing device.
    The rms will predict and adjust the scrubber duration based on your current workload depth, and temperature.
    Very Easy To Assemble And Maintain
    Only 2 parts of the complete unit (cover and breathing hose) have to be disassembled to get complete access to all components for cleaning and maintenance. Most repairs can be done by the end-user without the need for shipping to a local technician or factory.
    Streamlined Easy To Dive
    The counter lung is back mounted and protected in a titanium/stainless-steel case. The chest area will be completely clear, and with the arrival of the NERD (Near Eye Remote Display) as RMS set point controller on the rEvo, you will always have all the vital information in front of you so that you can focus on your pictures or work. This combination is now used by most professional UW (Under Water) photographers and videographers, in addition to divers who have UW work or tasks.


    Oxygen Orifice to avoid hypoxia

    The oxygen orifice to avoid hypoxia in case of solenoid or diver failure also saves battery life of the solenoid and makes it easier to drive manually. Click here to learn more about Constant Mass Flow.

    Easy to travel

    The most popular unit, the rEvo micro, comes in titanium, and at a size of 14.7kg, making it easy to be boarded as cabin luggage.

    100m CE approved

    ANTSI testing machine in factory, Industrial constructionin Belgium(ISO9001 Company for more than 12 years now):rEvo rebreathers invested in their very own breathing machine known as an “ANSTI” machine. It can simulate a breathing diver until 500m depth. There are very few of these machines in the world and the benefit that tests can be undertaken in a controlled environment and data collected digitally. No divers are at risk in testing equipment.
    rEvo don’t just test their rebreathers in the ANSTI machine but they also test the carbon dioxide absorbent materials to ensure what they recommend is the very best available.

    Very fast and efficient customer support

    rEvo Middle East is based in the UAE and is available 24/7, with spares delivered within 5 days.

    Very low work of breathing

    2.00 J/litre in horizontal position, 2.17 J/litre in vertical position at breathing rate 75l/min, air, 40m depth, 4°C (hardest CE test conditions).

    Made To Order in Belgium

    Made to order in Belgium, and after passing 120 tests, it is delivered ready for dives.

    Hybrid Rebreather

    The hybrid rebreather gathers the best features of an electronic and manual rebreather, with solenoid to maintain O2 electronically, and an O2 orifice for easy manual control.

    Up to three completely independent PO2 Monitoring electronics

    With inboard that is clear and easy to use for decompression and PO2 monitoring (shearwater Petrel), plus up to 2 extra completely independent PO2 monitoring devices and their respective HUD (Head Up Display). The rEvoX package comes with one Petrel and two revodreams.

    Three sizes available to fit all divers’ morphology can be made in titanium or stainless steel


    Size does matter, as does weight. A larger person may be able to comfortably dive with all three sizes, whereas a slight person may find the larger unit just too big and negative. Weight is important as it can always be added, but not that easily removed. With rEvo rebreathers, you can choose to have a unit made from titanium, using lightweight steel cylinders, or even lighter ones made from carbon fiber.

    Join us for some rEvolutionary diving

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