revo X

Benefit from a fully loaded rEvo package with all the best options and extra accessories, a titanium unit with 3 liter steel tanks, with an additional 4% discount on the package.

Package detail

  • A choices of sizes (standard/micro/mini)
  • Titanium unit
  • Hccr (Hybrid Closed Circuit Rrebreather) with Petrel and RMS system
  • Two revodream P5
  •  Five cells included
  • Nautec valves with 3 liter steel tank
  • Weight pocket

Revo X Light Travel

A great package for traveling and wetsuit diving: micro titanium unit with fully loaded rEvo X features and 2-liter carbon tanks. This package benefits from a 4% discount.

Package detail

  • Micro titanium
  • rEvoX combination
  • 2-liter carbon tanks with nautec valves

Revo III hccr

The basic hybrid rEvo combination with the Petrel set point controller, solenoid and O2 orifice. The unit comes in titanium and you can choose the size (standard or mini).

Package detail

  • DigicanPetrel set point controller and for decompression.
  •  Four cells
  • One revodream
  • 3-liter steel tank with tank fixation

Revo III mccr

With the rEvo III MCCR (Manuel Closed Circuit Rebreather), the diver is solely responsible in controlling the O2 addition with the fully manual rebreather control.
The unit is titanium and you can choose the size (standard or mini).

Package details

  • Petrel hardwired for Po2 monitoring and decompression
  • One revodream
  • Four O2 cells
  • O2 orifice
  • 3-liter steel tanks with tank fixation

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