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7G9A00217G9A0006The hybrid rEvo rebreather version will have an automatic diluent valve, solenoid, Oxygen orifice, and front mounted manual gas addition block. It can be run as an ECCR, MCCR or a mix of both. The solenoid will be controlled by the Shearwater electronics. You can choose from
1. Petrel PO2 controller with integrated multi-gas decompression software and Digican technology
2. Petrel Dive can PO2 controller RMS; the RMS controller has all the features of Petrel controller, plus the scrubber monitoring system. Different than any other rebreather, it uses a superior, patent and exclusive technology, and was developed and tested extensively using the ANSTI testing device. The RMS will predict and adjust the scrubber duration based on your current workload, depth and temperature.
3. NERD PO2 controller: The Near Eye Remote Display is the first technical dive computer with a display mounted on the diver’s rebreather mouthpiece. This revolutionary device keeps crucial information in your line-of-sight for the entire dive. It has all the features of the Petrel PO2 controller.
NERD Dive can po2 controller with RMS system

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